192 bit SLI vs 256 bit SLI

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    The GTX460 256 bit will outperform the 192 bit. In SLi, the same.
  2. buy one 7950 OC better.
  3. Halliburton, you're a pain! OP didn't even say what card they were gonna SLI. ed. Yes, I guess he did...
    7950 OC better than what? I just beat an o/c'ed 7950 by 164% in Unigine 3.0 w/ SLI'ed 460's. They are 256 bit BTW.
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  5. How about 3DMark11? I was almost ready to buy BF3 the other day just to benchmark it but I don't need another lame-assed FPS.
  6. I'll look into it :)
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