Help me upgrade this old POS PCs

Sorry, I know you discuss cool new systems here. But I have some old office PCs here, and desperately need to upgrade them for cheap.
PC is like this one here:

Specs are Pentium 4 CPU 2.29 Ghz with 2 Gb RAM.
I have of them. Need to have duo or even quad core CPU, with at least 4 or more gigs of ram. Preferably keeping my current HDDs.
Is that even possible with this old computers? How much would it cost and what should I buy? Or do I have to invest in buying new computers?

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  1. That is pretty much un-upgradable. The hdd is IDE, I've seen inside those systems before. If you're getting a new system, some still have an IDE port. Here's a budget based build:

    These together should create a good budget based system for around $310.

    If you don't know how to build, then you'd have to invest in a new prebuilt.
  2. If they really are GX280's (like the one you linked), they only support P4 5x0 and 6x0 CPU's. No duals (and certainly no quads) are compatible.
  3. thanks. off to buying new computers, then
  4. That computer has reached the end of the road. Opti 280's won't use Pentium D's, so you're stuck with with single-core Pentium 4's.
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