NVIDIA GTX560 Ti 448 on a 500W PSU?


so I've seen some other threads regarding PSUs and this model. I've seen the number "at least 36A on the 12V rail" thrown around but I fear that my setup would be cutting it rather close. So my questions are would this setup work and if not would I risk damaging components by trying?

PSU Thermaltake Litepower 500W
Mobo MSI P55-CD53
CPU Intel Core i7-860
8GB RAM (4x2GB-1333)
Samsung 1TB SAT2 HD103UJ

Also I am well aware of impending Kepler announcements but this GPU fits my needs quite nicely and would replace a GTX 260.
I am not particularly worried about that but do you think that my CPU might bottleneck the GPU to a significant degree?

This is the model I am considering btw.

edit: fyi as of yet everthing is running on stock clock. Before overclocking I would certainly get a new PSU, I am only considering this as a temporary setup until I upgrade mobo,cpu and ram
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    I can't find any real reviews of that power supply. Thermaltake has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to power supplies though. That unit is discontinued and was made by FSP.

    The GTX 560 Ti 448 pulls about 265w at maximum but much less on average.

    I would say as long as you don't overclock you are probably OK. But if it was my computer I would replace it when you can afford it with something decent.
    Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Silverstone, Enermax, OCZ and Antec are what you should look at. 500-550 watts should be fine with one card and 700-750 watts if you plan on adding a second one in Sli.

    CPU will not bottleneck that card at all.
  2. This will totally work as a temp setup although I'm not so sure about long term. Honestly, I have run the older 560 ti on a 300 watt PSU, and it ran fine (at standard clocks.) You will probably have no processor bottlenecks, expecially with something like a 300 mhz overclock. You only really see major bottlenecks with AMD cards. The only thing that can damage components is the voltage, not amperage.
  3. I have that card, but am running an OCZ 550watt psu. I used the power supply calculator that Newegg has..but it doesnt have that card. For your system with a regular 560Ti, it comes up to 495watts. With the GTX570 it comes up to 559watts. If it was a better brand 500 watt, maybe, but with that one, I dont think it would run it under load

    by the way, some of the manufacturers specify 38amps
  4. Thanks that helped a bunch. I'll be watching the market for 2 more weeks and then I'll report back with the results.

    So I'm kinda new to the forums. Do I just select one of the answers as "best answer" when I got all I wanted?
  5. Yep, selecting a best answer tells the mods the thread is closed.
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