Need help, 3 beeps, wont turn on.


My Pc recently died, no power would go through and nothing would light up.

I decided to install a new P.S.U and it turned on and seemed to be working.

But.. When it turned on, it would beep 3 times.
(The sound is coming from around the mobo graphics card area) I can't be 100% whether it's the graphics card of mobo.

Apparently it's the ram as what people say, I tried a friends ram and it still didnt work (I have dual ddr2/ddr3 slots side by side)

Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-G41M-Combo
Graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 5500

So what is wrong? I've tried multiple things and i'm frustrated and dont have enough to buy a new pc or get it fixed by a tech person since the only person i could get to fix it charge 65 an hour.

Earlier the PC turned on without beeps but did not show a display so I was thinking it was the graphics card, anyways I moved the ddr2 ram into the ddr3 slot and something smoked..

I have tried a friends harddrive, ram.

I don't know which forum/section this falls under so forgive me.
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  1. Bump, I really need help.
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