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Transferring os from one harddrive to another

I would like to know i want to get bigger harddrive and transfer OS and all the files from the old smaller one to the larger one problem is from everything i have been reading you have to have the windows 7 cd or recover disk which i don't have , all i have is the laptop i bought from somone eles and they could not provide me with the cd or product key to reinstall so can i get hard drive clone device with cables to transfer or i'm i just out of luck,thank you for you time Ron B :D
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  1. Product key sticker should be on the computer or use magic jellybean finder to find it!
  2. If this app doesn't find the key you are out of luck,because this forum can't help with illegal\pirated software.
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    If it is a legitimate system, you could clone it using Acronis True Image or similar. If it isn't, it will get found out as soon as it goes on the Net or downloads a Windows update.

  4. If it is a legitimate system < that's why i posted my reply the way i did
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