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I have not decided on a motherboard yet but what kind of ram should I buy? PC2400 or PC2100? Are they interchangable? Do all the latest motherboards support either? Money is not an issue.

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  1. if you want to overclock then you want the pc 2400
  2. I have not been able to find the pc2400 modules. Where do you get them, what brand to you recommend and what cas level is available?

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  3. www.pricewatch.com

    Corsair is the only ones making PC2400 right now. It's good stuff.

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  4. There are no motherboards that oficially support PC2400 yet (you could always run it at PC2100 spec though). If you want to overclock the FSB and don't care about the price then get the Corsair PC2400, but otherwise get Crucial PC2100.
  5. go for pc2400 if you can get it cheap enough it runs with 150/300mhz fsb... so its good if youre overclocking with fsb (imagine an AY*** athlon at 11 x 150fsb with pc2400 ddr sdram... mmm)

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  6. Does PC2400 cost a lot more than PC2100? If the difference is not that big I will get PC2400.
  7. Go to www.pricewatch.com and look.
    Very easy interface.
    PC2400 is a bit more expensive, and only get it if you are going to overclock. Otherwise there is no use.
    PC2100 is the way to go if you don't want to overclock, cheap too:)

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  8. Looks like $39 versus $51, both Corsair, for a 128M stick.

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  9. mmmm that DOES sound good.

    ive got the next best thing though...
    9.0 x 150 = 1350Mhz
    pingmax sdram pc150 @ cas 2.
    :) :) :) :) :)

    My Hamster has 512MB of SDRAM @ 150Mhz CAS 2!
  10. nice nice... how does that scale against a 1400mhz B and C tbirds? not overclocked... it would be nice to see how much of an effect running the fsb up without changing the mobo... like running a B athlon at 133 with the rest of the components geared up to work at 100 but the fsb increased so the pci clock is higher etc... there would be instability issues obviously but... who cares its "just a test"... ill try doing that next month... try run a cpu at around 1400 with fsbs different and pci clocks different... would be interesting...

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  11. they probaby come out about the same... maybe a little better, depending on what im doing.
    certainly seti or UT run at a brisk clip
    sandra mem benchmarks come out at about 605 & 680 +/- 10 & 15 respectivly.

    the pc150 kingmax ram can actually run at 160Mhz at either Cas3 or Cas2, but one of my pci devices croakes after 10mins, causing <inaccessable boot device> messages.
    a byproduct of running at a PCI speed of 40Mhz i suppose.
    in not that concerned... 150 @ cas2 is keeping me more than happy.
    although i would like to try at some point
    9 x 156 = 1404
    p.s. to do 1350 i need a voltage of 1.80V set in the bios. MBM, asus probe & the bios show this to be 1.85V sor some reason.

    My Hamster has 512MB of SDRAM @ 150Mhz CAS 2!
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