Signs of a dying psu

Im buying a new psu this friday, and mentioned before that my raidmax psu that came with a case is cheap and still going, theres somethings that ive noticed that might be caused from the psu.

When in hibernate windows will not resume and go into a black screen but the hdd still shows activity and monitor says no signal. A restart and quick restoration leads to a no prob restart and no other issues at all.

The other thing ive noticed was when starting windows on a cold start everything starts fine but when it says welcome and bring u to the log in screen the screen flickers black a few times and the noise made after the welcome skips a few times and goes perfectly to the log in and logs in and can be used with no prob at all.

The only thing I added recently was a ssd and made it my boot drive, but these issues were caused when the os was on the hdd and i redid win7 on the sdd not a copy over.

Im not sure if this is a sign of the psu failing or low power during boot or resuming, so would like some feedback on info i gave and some other signs if the psu was dying.
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  1. You are likely correct, especially since it's a Raidmax, which rarely has any power to spare even when new. Most are falsely labelled with power ratings twice as high as anything realistic.
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    Get that PSU to a landfill site. It deserves to stay and rot there. Any cheap, generic brand will never be successful, especially when it uses a false label. Goto Newegg and find one by seasonic, corsair, antec or any brand on there that doesn't cost less than $30 / £18. They are brands that people trust, plus some of them are very good value and have the 80+ certified sticker on them.
  3. What PSU are you getting?
  4. A rosewill 550m capstone or 630 green series or corsair 600 builder or ocx mod x stream 600
  5. I'd get a Corsair TX 650 v2. Its basically the default option to compare against. 5yr warranty, built by Seasonic, and built to last.
  6. $90 is pushing it most id b at is around $80 reasoning for those choices, atm the ocz is $65 with a 25$ rebate, and the capstone is $75 for gold 80 plus and modular, and the 630 green series because its more wattage for $60 but just 80 plus like the 600 builder and ocz 600
  7. Well for the price you have a 5yr warranty and Corsair's excellent support if something goes wrong. The choice is yours. I'd say that is worth the extra 20 or 30.
  8. thanks for the info but the ocz or capstone will be my choice just matters if i can get the rebate off the ocz and if the limited off on the capstone stays.
  9. Been looking at some other psus and well i heard that the ocz modular cables are kinda of short and i got a thermaltake element g case and my cpu power barely reach now, so basically im down to the capstone and 630 green series and the diffrernece is $15 and the gold rating and 80 watts and modular. Being modular is nice if the cables are long enough and the wattage doesnt really matter, and neither is the gold 80 plus if its just energy efficent. unless theres something that makes a huge difference $15 for me is enough to go differently on my choice.
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