Unigine 3.0 benchmarking?

Exactly what it says on the tin. I benchmarked my sapphire 7950 OC which I overclocked from 900 to 1000 and 1500 mhz. I got a score of 1100+ something from heaven. I was just wondering if its good since this is my first rig and its my first time to run benchmarks and stuff.

BTW my GPU's temp goes to 55-60 (according to gpu-z) when its tasked to capacity, is that an okay temperature?
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  1. I would think a 7950 would give a better showing than that. I got a score of 1840 on Unigine Heaven 3.0 with 460's SLI.
    Try 3DMark 11. It's mostly graphics score.
    55-60C is OK for temps but 1 run of Unigine won't really run them at capacity.
  2. The score depends just as much on the settings you use and the resolution you run as it does on your hardware.

    If you're running with Tessellation set to Extreme and with AF and AA set to their max settings, then 1100+ is a terrific score!

    Here is a site where you can kind of compare scores... though these are with version 2.5.


    Use the settings they have listed and see where your rig stands! :)
  3. Here is another post you can check out that is a bit more recent and with Unigine Heaven 3.0 results!

  4. Also, like DelroyMonjo said, get a copy of 3DMark 11. It has presets that you can use that are far easier to compare.
  5. 3DMark11 is 7525 with a 2500K@4.2GHz and 2x460's clocked at 840/1680/2000.
    I get way different readings on Unigine 2.5, 73FPS and 1840 score. And I run it at 1920x1080 and whatever the defaults are. 16xAF, High on the others, Tesselation normal.
  6. 3DMark 11 - P10111 with 2500K@4.3 and 2x570s @ stock clocks

    If you want I can compare Unigine 3.0, just send a screenshot of the settings we can compare
  7. I just did a Unigine 2.5 maxed out on settings and 1920x1080. 878 score and 34.9FPS. About 47% of default settings.
  8. I get 7525 on 3DMark11 2500K@4.2GHz and 2x460's @ 840/1680/2000.
  9. I set my Unigine 3.0 to 1920x1080 with everything max'd and got a 1436 with 57.3FPS

    Tessellation: Extreme
    AA: x8
    AF: x16
    Everything else set to High

    Not sure what the differences are, in regards to performance, between version 2.5 and 3.0
  10. btw I ran this on a 1920x1080 and yes i maxed everything out
  11. You're in good shape then Freshbuilder. The temps you're seeing on your video card are absolutely normal. GPU's will get very hot and very loud when they're doing work. Those temps are well within what the card should be operating at! :)
  12. at what temps should i get worried?
  13. It's not uncommon for air cooled video cards to get up to 80-85°F. Like any electronics, the cooler your system runs, the more efficient it will be and the longer lifespan you'll see form it's components.

    Just as a general rule of thumb, if you start to notice your system acting strangely when you're running a game, turn down your overclock. This would include artifacts on the screen (random pixels and objects), performance that isn't consistent with what you're used to, or games crashing.

    I wish I could tell you an exact temperature, but I simply don't want to steer you in a direction without knowing 100% that it's safe. If you're reaching temps above 70°F, you may wish to manually adjust your fan to bring the temps down. Modern GPU's are designed to run under extreme heat, but monitoring the cards performance will definitely help prolong it's life. And, in the end, the extra 3-4 FPS you gain from a more extreme OC isn't worth the risk of your card breaking down.
  14. FYI Unigine 3.0 uses different default settings than Unigine 2.5 - this is likely the source of confusion over the score.
  15. Unigine Heaven is a very cool benchmark, I wish it had presets similar to 3dMark though.
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