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Can anyone tell me which is the best Nvidia PCI graphics card that dosn't need a additional power source?

I have an old computer and what to squeeze the last bit of life from it.

Im already playing starcraft 2 with the card i have, but want to make sure i can play guild wars 2 before i buy it.

I did purchase a geforce 7800 gtx off ebay, but it needs additional power and i dont have the lead in my system box :(
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  1. What power supply are you using its possible you MAY not even need to get a different card you could just use a molex to 4pin adapter (im assuming its 4pin and not 6 or 8)

    it states you need a 500w with 22a on the 12v rail:,1171-6.html

    But this page states it needs 500w with 26a on the 12v rail:

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