Is my PSU enough?


I read a few articles here and on other sites about knowing if my power supply is sufficient but I can't seem to find a conclusive answer. I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

PSU: Corsair Builder Series 600W

Mobo: Asrock Z77 Pro3

CPU: i5 3570k 3.4ghz

GPU: Radeon HD 7870 2gb

Ram: Corsair 2x4gb

General stuff like HDD and Optical drive.

I will also be running 3-4 fans and I don't plan to overclock.

Is the PSU enough for what I have?

Thank you for your time in advance
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  1. More than enough.
  2. Sounds good, thanks!
  3. Yes it is enough, but it isn't necessarily the best choice.
    Where are you buying from and what is your budget?
  4. The CX500V2 would actually be more than sufficient for your planned build. ;)
  5. Well I have already purchased using that extreme vision calculator so if it isn't the best choice I am not in a great position. I just want a power supply thats reliable for my build and will not destroy everything :).
  6. Then you're good to go - Having too much PSU won't harm anything except your wallet ;)
  7. Thanks again ya'll.
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