I5 i3 hd4000 same performance?

when i play games
i5 with hd4000
i3 with hd4000
will i get same frame in the game?
I'm looking at the benchmark doesn't really say what cpu they have used.
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    Generally speaking, yes.

    The difference between the i3 and i5 is that the i5 has Turbo Boost which acts like an automatic overclock, thus increasing the clock speed by as much as 500MHz or 600MHz assuming only one core is being used or 300MHz / 400MHz if both cores are being used. That difference can provide a small boost in game performance if the game is dependent on the CPU.

    Note that the Intel HD 4000 in a mobile CPU is not as powerful as an Intel HD 4000 in a dekstop CPU because of heat and power consumption.
  2. Remember, different manufactures for laptops will clock the IGP at different speeds!
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