AMD FX 8120 fan speed

my fx 8120 fan speed to be running to 100 % all the time i enable Cool n quite but no change pls help
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  1. Are you using the stock heat sink and fan combo that comes with the boxed CPU?
  2. yea the the fan rpm is always at 100 % at about 6000+ rpm. the noise is annoying
  3. im using the stock fan and heatsink
  4. strange if it run at full speed, how is the processor temp?

    Are the heatsink not making proper contact to the chip or the installation wrong...

    edit: what are your motherboard brand / type ? try CPU the fan control in BIOS set to AUTO...
  5. im using msi 970A-G46 my cpu temp at idle seems to be 30 degree celcius
  6. In the BIOS adjust the fan speed.
  7. ok fan speed has reduced its less annoying thnx for ur help guys. One more thing i put the target temperature at 55 is that alright or should i give at 50
  8. not familiar with msi BIOS, either 55 or 50 is fine (I guess.... :D )
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