First Build! looking for a bit of advice

Hi there everyone! Well straight to the point, as the title says this is going to be my first build and im just kind of looking for a little advice and input form you more experienced people with what I have chosen. I will be using this for games D3, BF, WOW, CS and a few others and with this rig hopefully able to obtain all them on ultra high setting so heres what i have

gpu- (next month will sli and should it be OC?)
hard drive-
optical drive-
monitor- x3

Also just wondering if im going to need a few more fans also and if so what would you recommend? Thank you for your imput!
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  1. Fan-wise, I think you're going to be fine. That case appears to have a low front intake fan as well as a high rear exhaust. The additional venting and side-door fan should be more than enough to get good circulation through the case.

    Component-wise, the first thing that jumps out is the CPU/Motherboard selection. Is there any reason you're not going Ivy Bridge? Aside from that, it's a decent selection.

    The other thing that I'm not too crazy about is the power supply. Look for power supplies from Antec, Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, FSP (Fortran Source), or Seasonic.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Theres no real reason im not going ivy bridge from what I have herd the i5 2500k is a solid cpu what would be the benefits of the ivy bridge over sandy thanks for the reply.
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    I agree with the power supply.
    I suggest one like this:
    Be sure to not get a cheap PSU. That's going to be the thing powering your system and you want it to be one of the most reliable components in there.

    Also, I've dabbled about in GPU Overclocking and it's not really all that much worth it. The most I've ever gotten was a couple FPS better than what I originally had, and if you're planning on running that card in SLI with another one on a 23" monitor, then they'll destroy the games you're talking about without being tweaked in any way.
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