PC freezes exactly an hour after it boots

Can anyone help me diagnose why my system freezes exactly one hour after booting up, no matter if I'm running a graphics intensive game or doing nothing at all. What info do you need from me to help figure this out?


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  1. The first thing to do is to check your temperatures in the BIOS, ensure your air vents are clear and heatsinks are not filled with dust.
  2. sounds like there's some kind of unstable program set to run 60 minutes after startup. a program's auto-update for example.
    what did you install/uninstall/update/modify just before this started happening?
  3. i've got a cpu temp checker and it shows normal temps even right before lockup. as far as programs running in the background. it continued to do this after a windows reinstall.

  4. This sounds like something is overheating to me, maybe not the CPU, but possibly something else.

    Can I ask what CPU you have and what the actual temps it is running at?
  5. AMD Athlon II X4 640 (Propus) all 4 cores running about 27 C.

  6. also run a malware and virus sweep just to be sure. you can alos use msconfig go into the start up tab and turn everything off but your anti virus.
  7. If the problem is not overheating, and it is not due to a software cause, the next most likely suspect is a faulty power supply.
    Also you should check that your hard drives are not getting to hot and that they have air flow over them.
  8. So how would I test the power supply?

  9. Quote:
    So how would I test the power supply?

    Substitution of the power supply is the only reliable test.
  10. I wonder if the one I have is still under warranty... I'll have to check.

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