New build won't boot up (fans start then stop)


I followed a rough guide on a forum for a new build. I purchased all the parts and assembled them together last night. My system is made up of below:

- Sapphire HD7850 2G.2G 256Bit GDDR5 PCIE3.0 DVI HDMI 2*Mi
- Samsung S23A750 23" Wide, 1920x1080, 2MS, 3D
- Samsung 22X DVDRW Black SATA
- Kingston 8GB(2 X 4GB) DDR3-1333MHZ PC10600
- Seagate SATA3 2TB 7200RPM Barracuda 64mb Cache
- Intel Core i5 3550 LGA1155 CPU 3.3Ghz 6Mb Cache Ivy Bridge
- Asus P8H61-M-LE USB3.0 REV3.0 H61 2DDR3 GLAN PCIE16 STEP3 LGA1155 UEFI
- Antec 520W High Current Gamer Power Supply, 80+ Bronze
- Zalman HD501 case

I stayed up until 4am last night to finally get it to boot up and install Windows 7 Home Premium. It took me all night because it wouldn't boot up all night, but the fans (PSU, x1 chasis fan, graphics card fans and CPU fan) spun for like 1-2 seconds and then stopped and kept repeating this way until I unplugged the power cord. I eventually fixed it somehow (not sure why) by reinstalling the CPU, memory and graphics one step at a time from barebones. It is now running only on 1 stick of 4GB ram. I made sure the number of motherboard standoffs matched the number of holes in the motherboard (many times) before I installed everything else. I made sure the CPU fan and chasis fan were in its right slot, the 4-pin 12V power connector and EATX power cable was connected to motherboard and 8pin power connector was connected to graphic card. The SATA drive is connected by hot-swap, which can be quick-uninstalled from the front-panel of the case (not sure if connecting SATA this way can be a problem).

When it successfully booted to BIOS at around 2am, I installed Windows and drivers. Before I went to bed, I left the PC to install Star Craft 2, but when I woke up this morning, the monitor showed a blue screen with error: STOP: 0X000000F4.

I pressed the reset button and it won't boot into Windows, but instead a black screen that asks me to insert boot disk or something I can't remember and press any key. I pressed reset again to go into BIOS setup and I could see only the DVD drive was detected and I had no choice for boot options. I turned off the computer and turned it back on again and now it's doing the same thing last night – the system tries to power on, but powers off after 1-2 sec and repeats (fans and stuff sound like they spin and then stop).

This is my first build and I haven't really touched the insides of computers since Athlon CPUs came out. Can anyone please help me get my system working?

Thank you all so much.

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  1. I helped a friend with that had the same problem. He installed windows and had everything working, including graphics drivers and windows updates installed and then it wouldn't turn on at all. I monkeyed with it and look the the motherboard manual (being no computer expert) and decided to try the cmos reset. It solved the problem and we reinstalled windows (just in case) and it has been working for about two months now. And that's all I have to say about that.

    tl;dr: Try the cmos reset
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