Fx 4170 or phenom ii x4 965

Which processor is better for gaming and multitasking (like recording games with fraps)? I noticed this site listed the 4170 as the best gaming cpu in the 100-150 dollar price range, level with, if not better than the i3 2120 (the 965 wasn't even mentioned). Would you agree with this? Or are the phenoms just flat out better than the fx line?
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  1. the 956
  2. Because Phenom II/Athlon IIs were discontinued and that's why it hasn't been mentioned.

    Get the 965 before it's gone.

    Otherwise, You should wait a little more if you want. I've heard Piledriver will be released in Late Q3..
  3. the fx 4170 is out of place on their charts because they concentrated on starcraft 2 as being the only game that showed any differences. pretty much every game on their current test suite are designed around 2 cores. The FX 4170 is essientially a dual-core with CMT (amd's version of hyper-threading).

    Throw in a game that can take advantage of every cpu core, the chart is flawed

    Looking at minimum fps, the 41xx is the worst one there, and the phenom actually trumps sb slightly.
  4. Alright thanks! I think I'll be getting that 965, then.
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