Weird question about my PSU!

Hey guys. I have a strange question and am hoping I can get an answer promptly. I just recently purchased a Rosewill 600w PSU (RP600V2-S-SL) from Newegg.. and upon receiving it, and inspecting it a little bit.. I noticed the main ATX 20+4 connection coming from the PSU, there was only 19 actual wires running into the 20 plug. (Not including the extra 4 wired plug). Is this normal?

And it doesn't seem as if the plug had a wire in it at all, like it had gotten ripped out or something.. because there isn't even a little metal piece that holds the wires in. The wire just seems to be missing completely.

Any help is appreciated. I have a time frame on this build, and cannot be delayed at all with it. Thanks!
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  1. It's normal for all newer PSU's. The wire that it's missing is the -5V wire that has no use on a modern system (it's a legacy thing that was only used with very old hardware), and it was deleted from the ATX specs in 2003. Nothing to worry about.
  2. +1 to DJ
  3. Weird, I run another topic about this same issue a few days ago. DJ is right so complete the build.
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