Whichis the best graphic card for pentium dual core e2180

Hi, Iam Sagar i need u to say which graphic card is best for my system. i already have intel g3100 128 mb graphic ( Which is inbuid) Can i add another graphic card if can will u say which is the best. my budget is 2 to 3 thousand indian rupee..!!
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  1. I'm not familiar with Indian currency, but I'd think something like a HD6770 would be a good match for your CPU.
    ...of course that assumes you play games. If you don't, a HD6450 is enough.
  2. Any gfx card would be better then that on-board. As it likely has no hardware shaders.

    Does your pc have any PCIE slots? If it does...good! there are lots of old and new gfx cards for this slot that are very cheap.
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