New build, second opinion needed please

Approximate Purchase Date: today or tomorrow

Budget Range: 700 or less

System Usage from Most to Least Important: office use. quickbooks, office 2010, web surfing, scanning

Parts Not Required: mouse, keyboard, os, monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:newegg

Country: usa

Parts Preferences:intel preferred for cpu, besides that anythings good

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: would like to keep it under 700
need a mobo with a usb 3.0 header and a case with usb 3.0 mobo hookup
gonna use an ssd and two sata drives. the sata drives i want in mirrored raid configuration for redundancy.

below is what i have so far, let me know what you think

2 Seagate Barracuda Green ST1500DL003 89 each after discount [...] 148725-L0C

Intel Core i3-2120 Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz (i couldnt really tell the difference between the different 21xx versions) [...] 6819115077

SAMSUNG 22X DVD Burner $15 [...] 51244-L05B

Corsair Force Series GT CSSD-F90GBGT-BK 2.5" 90GB SATA III (SSD for os and prorams) $85 after rebate [...] 33205-L08B

CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 V2 (CMPSU-430CXV2) 430W $25 after rebate [...] 6817139026

Antec Three Hundred Two Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with Upgraded 2 x USB 3.0 (want a case with usb 3.0 motherboard headers) $70 [...] 6811129180

G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900) (8gb is decent i think)$59 [...] 6820231460

ASRock H77 Pro4-M LGA 1155 Intel H77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard(used this motherboard before and like it, feel free to suggest something else with usb 3.0 headers on it.) [...] 6813157301
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  1. For business use, B75 chipset motherboard is highly recommended as it is intended just for it, H77 is more or less for HTPC and multimedia stuff. ASUS has nice B75 motherboards.
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    theres only like a 5% increase in performance compared to a 1600mhz kit get some mushkin enhanced blackline ram or crucial ballistix sport 1600mhz ram. it is 10 bucks cheaper

    i recommend getting something like a seagate barracuda 7200rpm drive with 64mb of cache. they are much faster than green drives and green drives only save you abuot 20 cents a year
  3. also, the antec one is a great and cheaper option to the 302.
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