4 pin molex to pci-e question

Hi, I am just building my first new rig ever; I have used this site almost exclusively for building it but i've ran into a last struggle/question here.

I have a modular PSU (OCZ Modxstream pro - 700W). After getting everything set up and all the panel headers were in, etc. I was trying to connect the provided 6 pin to molex PSU cables to the molex cables on my case (Thermaltake Element V Black Edition).

While almost everything else on the computer felt real snug when put in - molex connections between these cables was difficult and i felt like i was going to rip out all the cables (these molex cables are responsible for my case's fan controller and LED lights i think). So i tried a PCI-e 6 pin to molex (i did not know what it was at the time) and it felt snug and wasn't too difficult to put in. However, I tried to remove the molex responsible for my fan controller from one side and it was stuck....I notice these molex only have 3 pins instead of 4 - so did i screw up bad?

im trying to remove them (its stuck pretty good) but I wonder if it is just OK to use this PCI-E 6 pin adapter instead of one of the pure molex cables provided by my PSU.

I've looked and haven't really found this answer cause i dont think anybody else is dumb enough to do what i did lol - I'm going to try and just remove the stuck cable but i think i forced it down pretty hard so hopefully nothing is broken

rest of my build is as follows:

ASrock extreme 4 z77
msi twin frozr hd radeon 7850 OC
msi 24 x dvd
120 gb hyperx kingston ssd
seagate barracuda 1 gb 7200 rpm 64 mb cache
i5 2500k
kingston hyperx ddr3 1600mhz 8gb
thermaltake element v
ocz series 700w modxstream pro

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  1. on the plus side - some pliers removed the offending adapter ;p
  2. It would depend which pin was missing.

    If it was 'just' a ground (1 of 2) then it probably wouldn't matter so much but if it was the 12 or 5 volt missing then you'd probably be underpowering your card.

    Either way I'd hook it directly to a PSU molex. Was surprised to read your PSU only has one 6 pin PCI-E connector.

    EDIT: Actually, you apparently have two:


    One 6 pin and one 6+2 pin ... Not sure if you realise that the 2 on the 6+2 can be uncoupled and moved out the way?

    EDIT 2: Hang on your GPU only needs one 6 pin PCI-E ... I'm confused, why do you need to use a molex to PCI-E connector again?
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