Newbuild or Upgrade?

Hey guys, gotta dell inspiron 570 with some upgrades so far

athlon X2 II processor (yeah its terrible)
upgraded to a radeon HD 6670 graphics card
6 gigs of ram
300W power supply
windows 7 64 bit

I will be getting some money for my b day and I dunno what to do, would it be worth it to upgrade what I have? or buy something new (I'll have around 800-850)

Only 2 problems is, even though I'm getting better with computers I'm FAR from able to build my own and I have no one to build it for me, so maybe a pre-built like CyberPower? Any suggestions?
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  1. oh and BTW this is for a gaming build :)
  2. There's no point in pouring any more money into that retail piece of junk except for you GPU which you can port into the new build. Build a new one, you have enough money for it, unless you are getting a new monitor. I think you may have to get a new copy of Windows OS as well, you can't port an OEM one. So your budget may be a little tighter than it is, but you still can do it.
  3. Like I said I Donno anyone who can build one and I can't build it
  4. As long as you have the parts set putting them together is real simple, it's like LEGO blocks. Watching a few YouTube videos on it should help a lot. Configuring BIOS may be a little tricky at first but even that's simplified now with UEFI, one press on default settings should get you going. Installing OS is the last thing and that's as easy and same as installing a game.

    There's a first time for everything, you can do it, it's really fun. But more than anything you won't get a better performing PC at the same price buying a pre-build.
  5. Yeah I'm def not spending mad money an messing anything up lol F that
  6. Then you have no choice but to pay CyberPower a premium labor fee to have them build you one.
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