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What CPU with 6670

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September 13, 2012 9:07:39 AM

I currently have a AMD 9500 Quad, 4gig ram, but looking to upgrade to a new rig since ive had it since 2007.
Ive currently got a Radeon 6670 which i intend to use in my next build.

What way should i go??;
1. PC will be used for small MMO gaming (WOW and GW2) on like medium settings on a 22" screen
2. Web browsing with multiple tabs open
3. Dual monitor
4. Torrent downloading so PC will be on 24/7 mostly

Budget minded. No plans to upgrade for a while.

Was thinking AMD (yes i know the i3's are better etc but really wont be pusing the Sh*&! out of it ) so ill think that will suffice :p 

G850 or A6-3500 / A6-3670 / FX4100 way? or is i3 2120 really going to be better for my above setup??

Thanks in advance :) 

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September 13, 2012 9:23:37 AM

Out of the ones you've mentioned I'd go for the A6-3670. You can dual graphics the APU with the 6670 and get some good results in WoW. Not looked at prices latley but why not the A8-3870k?
September 14, 2012 9:11:19 AM

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September 14, 2012 9:19:57 AM

Bumping threads is against the forum rules, certain mods here have no tolerance for it and will lock your thread without question.

But yes, if you already have a 6670, the best investment is going to be a llano, since the onboard graphics of it will crossfire with your 6670 to add to its performance capability. I'd probably go 3870K as well instead of the 3670 just to keep your options open, the price difference is negligible.

In regards to this:

What way should i go??;
1. PC will be used for small MMO gaming (WOW and GW2) on like medium settings on a 22" screen
2. Web browsing with multiple tabs open
3. Dual monitor
4. Torrent downloading so PC will be on 24/7 mostly


1. Llano + 6670= crossfire graphics, not super great for gaming, but the best option if budget is limited.
2. quad core llano is fine for daily browsing
3. At what resolution?
4. Torrents and downloads in general use almost zero processing power.
September 14, 2012 9:38:12 AM


Resolution would be 1680 x 1050 on my AOC 22" monitor. Should i be able to get at least medium settings without the framerate dropping to <20 like it does now with my rig?

I see that it uses the FM1 socket which im guessing is about to be superseded by the trinity FM2 ones so an upgrade in the future is bleak without a new board. Is it worth holding out the next few months and seeing the new CPU or wont it make a difference?
a c 78 à CPUs
September 14, 2012 9:57:13 AM

Thats not a super high resolution, you should be fine for those 2 games you specifically mentioned.

The frame rate dip can be caused by a lot of different factors when you're talking about online MMORPGs, not the least of which is your internet connection and the server you're playing on. Although yes, the Phenom I CPU you currently have has got a few years on it, so this should be a considerable step up.

Yes, the llano uses the FM1 socket, and FM2 trinities will not have backward compatibility with it. As to whether its worth it to wait or not, honestly, I'm not a fan of making an "upgrade path" recommendation for any platform, be it Intel or AMD. The standards change so fast that assuming you buy something that meets your needs in the first place, by the time is starting to show its age the best upgrade solution is probably going to include a new motherboard anyway. Also trinity will not crossfire with a 6670, so you have to weigh that into your consideration.

For a true gaming rig, really neither the trinity nor the llano are the best options, however, MMORPGs are typically not super system demanding compared to games like Battlefield 3 which is a system killer at high detail and resolution.

What exactly is your total budget? And what parts does that budget have to cover?
September 14, 2012 10:20:11 AM

to be honest as cheap as i can get really. I have the OS and GPU , old 1tb HDD and maybe my Thermaltake WingRS case and optical drive if i choose to recycle it. The old thermaltake litepower 430W psu would have to go i think as well?

If i was going the Llano way like you said it prob be;
A8-3870 CPU $115
6670 GPU $0
Asrock A55M-HVS $65
8Gb 1333 RAM kit (2 x 4gb) $43
120gb SSD $89
Thermaltake Litepower 600W PSU $63


Little more $$ then the i3 build but is the savings, albeit $20 or so, worth the x-fire support / quad core with the AMD build over the dual core setup?

Best solution

a c 78 à CPUs
September 14, 2012 4:28:53 PM

I would forget about the SSD at your budget level honestly. It doesn't improve your frame rates or anything, it merely reduces load times in games, but it wont do much for games that are server dependent like MMORPGs.

Yea, I would suggest not using a Thermaltake brand Power supply at all, they're not well known for good quality. Especially considering the fact that you can get better ones for cheaper than the one you're looking at.

This one is $40 after mail in rebate, more than enough power

I would go with 1600mhz rated RAM for a llano, that seems to be their "sweet spot" since the RAM doubles as the video memory for the onboard graphics.

Yes, the x-fire support with what you already have would be worth it over the i3.

Instead of the SSD you might consider going with a CPU cooler so you can overclock the 3870K, that would give you a performance bump $20 with rebate.
September 16, 2012 1:02:59 AM

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