Go for Dell or custom built system.

I'm having a hard time choosing between a dell or a custom built machine,

Custom built PC spec:

8Gb ram
CPU 3570k
2TB hard drive
256Gb solid state drive
Radeon 7870 2Gb Ram OC Edition
Motherboard is PCIe 3.0 ready (dell isnt) (Asus P8Z77-V PRO Z77 Socket )
windows 7 64bit
650w PSU
Price: 1170 pounds

Dell machine:
12Gb Ram
CPU 3770
2TB hard drive
256Gb solid state drive
Radeon 7870 2 Gb Ram
windows 7 64bit
Price: 1185 pounds (its 1299 but I can use a 10% discount)+shipping
Link to dell machine:

I'm struggling because Dell has bad PSU and does not support PCIE 3.0.
The custom built i have to make myself and has worse memory and cpu!
Which one is the best to choose?
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  1. The custom built has a 'K' processor - unlocked. Potential for future overclocking. The Asus motherboard is the better choice compared to motherboards installed in the Dell desktop.

    Go with the custom built. It will be a great opportunity to build your own.
  2. I just built mine with an asus sabertooth 990 fx motherboard,fx8120 cpu,msi oc hd6850 gpu.sniper series ram from gskill and a corsair 650tx,and an coolermaster hyper212 evo heatsink and fan.my case is a cooler master storm enforcer.

    build your own you will love it more
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