Help on $600 Gaming PC Budget

Hi, I am looking to build a cheap $600 gaming pc but the only game i will truly play is diablo 3 and i am not worried about playing it on the best settings. Other than diablo 3, I will just be using the computer to surf the web and watch movies on. So i don't need much power but enough to run the game smoothly.

I already have a moniter, mouse, keyboard, and optical drive.

parts i need:

video card
power supply
operating system
hard drive

Any help will be much appreciated. I am new to building a PC.
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  1. not bad but i would still need OS and that would make it over 700
  2. bprocell002 said:
    not bad but i would still need OS and that would make it over 700

    want me to regurgitate a build i usually give people on a 600$ budget?

    Pick your poison
    i3-2120 + Asrock h61m-u3s3 180$, pick this if you ever want to switch to a k series cpu and only do very minimal overclocks

    i3-2120 + ECS h61 mobo 163$ As budget as you can get mobo

    I3-2120 + Asrock Pro3gen3 z68 213$ gives more room to upgrade, at a cost

    Generic 500gb wd 7200 rpm hdd 75$

    Hive 550w + Rosewill Challenger 100$

    Win 7 Home Premium 96.48$


    Radeon HD 6850 + 8 gb corsair ram 191.98$

    if you picked the cheapest mobo, this price would come out as ~625 i think, a bit more(~580$ after rebate)

    if you buy the radeon hd 6850 today, theres a 15$ off price code that ends in under 2 hours

    if you cannot afford to go past 600 at all, downgrade either the ram to 4 gb, or downgrade the gpu. its hard to cut a price off something else.
  3. yeah, if you don't mind. I need the help
  4. updated my previous post

    realized a flaw, the cheap mobo only accepts 1333 ram. not sure if it will automatically downclock the 1600 for you
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