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I am planning to purchase a desktop from one of the boutique builders, or build one to be used for trading the financial markets. I’m looking for an easily expandable machine, to drive 4 monitors initially (Dell U2412M and 2408WFP), but probably 8 in the future. It will be running multiple charts simultaneously on two platforms. Planning to spend about $1,000 excluding the monitors. Which desktop builders do you recommend? I currently consider an i7-3770k processor and one AMD 6870 video card (to add a second card later.) What mobo would be best for such a computer? Please share any ideas/configurations you have.
Thanks for your help.
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  1. 6 output on 1 card LOL expensive though nice.

    Good fitting mobo's are the GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H or MSI Z77A-G43. I'd recommend a i5 for you just cause you won't get much a performance difference for what you're using it for unless you possibly are using hard processing software.

    You should an ssd it would save you some time if you needed to reboot the computer or some applications. 60GB or 120GB what ever you think you need. Go with OCZ Octane/,Vertex or Crucial M4 one.

    I don't know really any boutique builders but i'd be happy to but I know you wouldn't.
  2. Thanks Suave. The graphics card that you suggest looks pretty good, but currently not available. Which of these two is better for the purpose, 6870 or 6950?

    Are 2 cards going to work well with eyefinity and eventually push 8 monitors?

    Can anyone suggest a complete trading computer configuration?

  3. I would suggest the 2gb 6950 that'll give you the best performance in eyefinity w/ that much memory.

    The only trading config i can come up with is pretty expensive but i hope it gives you an idea.
    Xeon processor for ultimate or just an i7-2600k or 15/20% better 3770(k)(s)
    6950 2gb or any 6000series 2gb card (if your not to interested in games) I would suggest getting a 2gb 7000series card for saved power consumption, money, & less heat dissipation.
    1tb HDD / 2x1tb Backup hard drives raid array(how ever many hdds you need) ( get the same hdd's for best reliability) (or SSD's if you got the money)
    24/32gb 1600Mhz RAM
    Custom CPU heatsink(Thermaltake, Coolermaster, or Zalman brands are best options)
    A motherboard with 2 LAN connections or buy an extra LAN adapter just incase
    A Case that has low to no noise but decent Airflow (COOLER MASTER Silencio 550)

    Anything I may have missed? Let me know what you think
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