Phenom II X4 970 with 560ti or I5-2500 with 550ti for battlefield 3

Hello friends,
I have e5700 3.0 processor, 550ti graphic card and 6gb ram. I am planing to purchase 4core processor. I want to play battlefield 3 on 1080p resolution with high to ultra setting.

what is the best choice for me??

Phenom II X4 Black Edition 970
and 560ti (I will replace my 550ti card)

i5 2500 with 550ti

I have vip-500w psu.. should i change it if i purchase new any of these processor.
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  1. the first is the best.but you could play it on high not ultra!
  2. 1] possibly ultra but now AA or AF as well as disabled eye candies.
    2] that looks like a very dodgy power supply, nothing I would want to plug my shining new hardware into.
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    The first system will be much better but since your PSU has only one 6 pin connector, the GTX 560 isnt supported.
    Thankfully there are still some good cards out there that need only one 6 pin connector.
    The card i think you should get is the Powercolor HD 7850 2GB.
    It's faster, newer,more overclockable, more power efficient and more future proof than a GTX 560 Ti.
  4. If you can stretch your budget a bit though the GTX 660 is even better than the HD 7850.
  5. Do not get a last generation card. There's plenty of new cards offering better performance, less power draw for the same money.

    You do not need a 970 BE, get a 965 BE it will overclock just about the same, for less money.

    A 7870 would be best (budget/performance wise), a 7850 should still do it.

    Take a look at the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 And 660 Review.
  6. I am running 965 BE at 4Ghz stable with a Zalman cooler, so it's a pretty solid CPU for the money.
  7. Thanks you so much for replies.. at 1080p high setting is enough for me. I'll go with 7850..
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