Tom's mother of all comparison charts

Dear Toms and community,

I would like to propose an idea for a site feature to serve Toms community and visitors.

A comparison chart setup with an option for choosing cpu and gpu combinations with benchmark results. Could perhaps, include stock and an entry level of overclocked cpu and gpu as well.

I'm aware there could be quite a bit of work involved so my idea is not put forth lightly and at the same time if the idea has been mentioned or is already being considered I apologies.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Will pass along the idea. :)
  2. Cheers and thanks for listening.

    Giving people more confidence in their choices could lead the favourable Toms Hardware even more popular.

    Would certainly be an extra cherry on top for Toms and for us as well I believe :)

    If it doesn’t work out, never mind :)
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