PSU Issues

I have a dell inspiron 620 with i5 2320 (3.0 ghz)
I upgraded the video card to a HD 6870 and the power supply to corsair 600cx.
I am having issues where the screen will simply turn off and the sound will do very tight loops till i have to hold the power button down. some times when trying to turn back on, i will get amber flashing power light, which indicates a power issue.
this happens in games, browsing, even just at the desktop, seconds after a reboot. I have run MSI to rule out video card overheat, as it averages 82c, and ran a cpu temp check, around 65c during a game.
also seems to be random. i can go days, weeks, even went for a stretch of months without issues, but recently it has been happening multiple times a day.

unfortunately, to send the PSU back to corsair for warranty the shipping cost is more then simply buying a new one.
I am looking at 3 particular models, as i need to buy from a particular store for which i have a gift card.

Can i get away with the corsair 500cx, get another 600cx, or go with the 600gs?

thanks for help.
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  1. Have you tested the RAM?
  2. Memtest right?
    Would ram issues cause a straight up shut down? i do not get any other symptoms, such as game/program crash, bsod, hanging etc.
    Ill try it, as its a free check however.
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