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Enough PSU power for my system?

I plan on getting the following PSU...

...will this provide enough power for my build? I also plan on buying two GTX 660 ti or AMD HD 7950. I WILL be moderately overclocking both my graphics card and CPU.
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  1. What's your build? That PSU has 4 PCI connectors so the 660's or the 7950 will not be a problem to plug in.
  2. CPU - i5 2500k @ 3.3GHz
    Motherboard - ASRock Z77 Extreme4
    SSD - Crucial M4 128GB SSD
    Case - Cooler Master HAF 922
    Memory - G.SKILL Ripjaws 8GB
  3. Yeah, 750W is fine. My system pulls ~250W at max usage so yours is fine.
  4. Hmm so what I have is overkill? Even with two overclocked graphic cards and an overclocked CPU?
  5. Yes, that PSU will easily be sufficient for your build plus OCs.
  6. arcticle said:
    Hmm so what I have is overkill? Even with two overclocked graphic cards and an overclocked CPU?

    You want a power supply that will not be loaded 100% either. I would say stick with the 750, then if you want to add something you don't have to worry about hitting the ceiling of the power supply.
  7. In a 2-way Crossfire HD 7950s consumed 279W and in a 3-way Crossfire HD 7950s consumed 411W: Add another 100-150W for the rest of the system; the HX750W is electrically sufficient for a 3-way Crossfire. The Corsair CMPSU-650HX that is made by Seasonic and has four 6+2pin PCIe cables is actually sufficient for a 2-way Crossfire of HD7950s. The GTX 660ti has basically the same power consumption....if the PSU works for one, then it is good for the other.

    Edit: Changed a reference to SLI to read Crossfire.
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    The CMPSU-650HX's capacity on the 12V rail is 624W. Assuming the rest of your PC consumes 150W (unlikely), then the full load power draw (279W+150W = 429W) is under 70% of the HX650: 429W / 624W = .6875 or 68.75% Operating a quality PSU at this load is imminently safe and is actually in the typical PSU efficiency 'sweet spot' between 40-70%. If the rest of your system uses 100W (more likely) then you hit around 60% capacity of the PSU at full load. Again, that is a very safe range to operate your PSU.
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  10. Thanks!
  11. Glad to help!
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