I have a HD7970- Probably going to return it

I bought a HD7970 yesterday... Should I return it and get the GTX680 instead?
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  1. See how it overclocks IMO. If you can get to 1125/1575 (almost guaranteed) or higher (likely), and you're comfortable with that - no reason to return it.

    If you just want to run your GPU at stock, then yeah return it and get a 680.
  2. At 1920x1080 it won't matter at all, both cards are pushing max settings and 60fps.

    I would return it though and just wait because the price has to drop.
  3. Yes, the 7970 at $550 is robbery. AMD's strategy of underclocking their GPU's to rip of their costumers has backfired.
  4. ricardois said:

    Every major PC Tech site released official reviews this morning... you've got some reading to do :na:
  5. the 680 is looking like a champ

    mind you id still use a 7970 or 2 for extreme resolutions, ie eyefinity. the 7970 definately catches up the higher you crank the resolution, the extra ram will help at some point as well.
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