Anybody else surprised at the 680's lack of ram?

Am I the only one that's a little surprised that Nvidia only put 2gb of ram in their new higher-end card? I mean AMD throws ram like they have it stock piled in a cellar. I love Nvidia and I'll probably buy the card but it doesn't give me too much hope that they'll up the ram in their mid-ranged cards.
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  1. Not really... almost nothing actually needs more than 2GB of vram. Some things can use more than that, but almost nothing is limited by it.
  2. No, it's also only a 256bit bus. However, this card was originially designed to compete with the 7800 series, but turned out to be wayyy faster so it got upped to the top dog slot. Who knows when Nvidia will finally release their full out Kepler card (GK110)
  3. No, I am not surprised by the 2 GB of VRAM, Nvidia wanted to keep the price down to kill the AMD 7970, and the GTX 680 kills its competition in all available games.
  4. EVGA will be releasing a 4gb version.
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