FX-4100 throttling problem

Hello, my FX-4100 is wont stay at the correct clock even with stock clocks it goes back and forth from 3600 to 3300 I think it is the moatherboard but i am not sure. I have liquid cooling so my cpu temps never get above 45C.I am not the only one with this problem I have read alot of suff about this problem but havnt found any thing that fixes it yet.
My specs are
gigabyte 970s-ud3
corsair liquidcooling
evga 560ti
8gb 1600 ddr3 kingson
750watt psu
500gb samsung hdd

thanks for the help
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    It's a "feature" of the chip called APM. (Advanced power managment or something like that.)

    It can be disabled with some motherboards/BIOS versions. My Gigabyte 990fx UD3 board didn't even show the feature in BIOS version F5, but updating to F8 BIOS version showed it in the BIOS and allowed me to disable it.

    Check for a BIOS update to your board.
  2. I resently updaded my bios so ill look and see if that works
  3. I got the problem fixed! I found the answer from this place.
    Thanks for all the help
  4. So you disabled APM?
  5. no i did not it was not an option in my motherboard bios even after i uptated it I got it to work by doing this step fom the website that i listed in my previous reply.

    "Get AMD Overdrive and Open and Enable Turbo Core Control then Push OK then Open and Disable Turbo Core Control then push OK then exit AMD Overdrive."

    The the bad thing about this is that I need to do it every time i restart my computer. I will contact gigabyte about the problem and hope fully they will fix it in the next bios update or at least make it so I can disable APM.
    But for now i am running at a steady 4.5MHz
    Thanks for the help
  6. O ya my moatherboard is a 970A-ud3 not a 970s-ud3
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