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Hello fellow geeks,

So I am in a not so interesting situation. I currently have a GTX 460 (1GB) in my rig and I am looking to upgrade. I was originally going to snipe a pair of 6950's when Kepler and Tahiti came out but now I can't find them.

My goal is to game comfortably on 3x24 inch screens (5760 x 1080).

Currently I have a 2500k (4.1ghz) on a pcie 3.0 enabled z68 mother board

So my question is, should I go for a 7870 and over clock it, get a gtx680 ( not sure if it is able to do 3 outputs ), or go for a crossfired last gen card like 2x6870 (the mobo can run x8x8)

Thanks for the help
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    The 680 can indeed do 3 video outputs, finally. I'd probably recommend that route, since it's crazy fast, won't suffer from micro stuttering and is actually reasonably priced for the performance you get, unlike the 7970. Can always SLI it in a few years if it's not up to snuff anymore.

    This is coming from somebody who swears by AMD GPUs, by the way.
  2. get a 680 hands down.
  3. I was thinking about just getting a 680 but I am wondering about the '2d/3d vision or surround' with Nvidia and the need to have practically three identical monitors.

    Does anyone know about that?
    Because if there is a potential conflict, the 7870 will work and its a lot cheaper
  4. Does anyone have any idea as to when the non-reference design coolers are coming out for the gtx680?
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