<$1500 triple monitor build

I'm currently attempting to create a build which will handle 3x1080p monitors for around $1250

this is where I am at so far:

RAM - G.Skill Ripjaws-X 16G Kit(8Gx2) DDR3 1333 $115.0 - (Min 16gb RAM)
SSD - Patriot PYRO Sanforce 120GB SATA3 SSD - $119.0 - (Only other option is a Kingston 120gb)
HDD - WD 3.5" Green 2TB SATA3 - $118.0 - (This cannot be changed)
Optical Drive - LG DVD RW - $19.0 - (This cannot be changed)
Case - Coolermaster RC-692-KKN5 690 - $107.0
PSU - Corsair TX650 ATX Power Supply Unit - $112.0
GPU - Asus 1GB GTX560 PCI-E VGA Card - $179.0 x2 - $358.0 - I need 3x usable display ports and a bit of performance, I can't get 560Ti cards
CPU - Intel i5-3450 3.1/3.5GHz - $202.0
Mobo - AsRock Z77-Extreme6 - $195.0
Wireless card - ASUS PCE-N15 PCI-E 300M Wireless-N Network Card - $39.0 (This cannot be changed)


Bearing in mind that I'm in Australia, therefore no newegg... and my access to decent parts is pretty poor any recommendations or gaping holes in my build?
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  1. You may want to just get a single great card instead of two low-mid range cards. the HD7870 is right at your budget and supports up to 3 monitors (if you have a display port monitor), with the added benefit of Eyefinity. It also has more G-RAM for your displays than two 560's could bring.

    Dont understand why you need 16Gb unless your video editing, but anyway, the RAM you picked should be fine.

    Some good AUS stores are PC Case Gear, MSY and Umart.
  2. perfect, I was literally just about to edit to say that a HD7870 was another possibility, and all of those prices are form msy, the only thing is that htey are out of stock of HD7870s so I'm thinking of heading over to IJK for the 7870.

    my only question is about the different display ports meaning a different quality picture, I saw another thread on here and have heard a couple of times about using the mini display/HDMI/Dvi results in different brightness/colour on the displays.
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