Building a Gaming PC for <1200$ from India

Hello , :hello:

I want to build a gaming rig . Here I go by the rules.

Approximate Purchase Date: 1-2 months

Budget Range: 1000$. Can extend it to 1200$ if its necessary/worth it 1$ = ~50 INR .
So 50,000 to 60,000 INR

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Poker> Racing games > movies > browsing.

Parts Not Required: Mouse , SSD , sound card , OS & other softwares , monitor(s)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: , , , retail shops .

Country: India

Parts Preferences: No preference in parts, but I'm planning to buy a Dell U2312M / Dell U2412M monitor (seperate budget)

Overclocking: Maybe (Don't know what it means. )

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe (Don't know what it means. )

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080, 1920x1200

I want it to have Wifi too.

Additional Comments: :
=> I play only car games (no shooting games like BF3 or WoW ,etc ever).
=> I want to be able to play all latest released racing games with maxed out settings comfortably.
=> I'll also buy a logitech G27 wheels + playseat for a more realistic racing experience later.
=> I'm planning on eyefinity setup by the end of this year with 3 dell monitors or I'll buy a big TV instead of 3 monitors and I want to play using highest graphics possible (racing games only)


My Selection

Processor = Intel i-5 2500 K
Intel Core i5 2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo Boost) 4 x 256KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80623I52500K

Graphic card = AMD HD 7850 2GB
HIS HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 H785F2G2M 256-bit HD7850 Radeon PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Graphic Card

Mother board = MSI P67A-C43 B3 P67

I want it to support USB 3.0

RAM = 2x4 GB 1600 Mhz
GSKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL

Cabinet = NZXT Source 210 Elite USB3 Black

Efficient cooling > features > value for money > size >lights > looks is my preference.

Power Supply = SeaSonic M12II 520W
I really have no idea.

HDD = 1TB @7200rpm
Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive

I'll upgrade later when prices comes down.

CD Drive = Sony / Samsung
Should do everything except blue-ray.

Key Board = Razer Arctosa gaming
Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard

UPS = APC is on my list
APC Back UPS 600


Monitor (Separate budget )

I have hard time choosing between Dell U2412 M and Dell U2312M monitors. The former is 16:10 and latter is 16:9 . I don't mind spending a bit more for 24-inch if its worth it.

My Doubts

=> Is this configuration enough to play using 2 24-inch monitors with maxed out settings ?
=> Will the same be enough to play using a 40/50/65 inch LED TV instead of 2 monitors?
=> If I plan on adding a 3rd same monitor later , what should I do?
( I guess I have to add a second same graphic card ? So to do this do I have to go for i-5 2500 K instead of 2500 ? Will every other component be enough to support 3 monitors? )

PS : I might add a SSD , sound card , later .

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Firstly overclocking essentially means tweaking the settings on your hardware to make it run faster, normally this means that everything produces more heat which normally means you need extra cooling and you'll need unlocked hardware (for example an i5-2500 is locked, an i5-2500K is unlocked)

    SLI and Crossfire are methods of linking seperate graphics cards so as to make them work together for graphics processing rather than only processing what is on each individual screen seperatly

    If you want wifi on a desktop computer then you will need to buy a wireless network card

    about your additional comments - if you want it to play all latest release games maxed out comfortably then $1000 will probably not be enough, if your incredibly keen on having a really good gaming experience (and want eyefinity) then you will probably want an ATI 5970 which should handle most things you can throw at it, if not then you will need to buy another later and set up Crossfire, althouhg for now an ATI 5970 will handle most things.

    The problem with getting at ATI5970 is that (in australia at least) they are around $500-$550 which is over half your budget so maybe you will only be able to fit an ATI 5950 or ATI 58xx

    -------Your Selection------

    Processor - if you don't know what overclocking is you don't need an i5-2500K, I would research overclocking and see if you want to do it, if not then go with an i5-2500, its cheaper because you can't overclock.

    Graphics card - as ive already mentioned if you want to comfortably play recent games in eyefinity at maximum setting you will probalby need an ATI7950 at least

    Motherboard - I'm not really a motherboard person largely because theres so much to know and I just don't know enough, BUT I don't like the look of you selected board because 1) there is only 1x PCIe x16 slot and 2) it looks like its stacked with PCI slots which confuses me because very few things use PCI... Personally I would be looking for something with 2x PCIe x16 slots. USB3.0 shouldn't be a problem, most motherboards now have a few USB3.0 ports, if you want front panel ports just check your case

    RAM - Exactly what I would buy, especially on a mobo with 4x slots it means that you can easily upgrade to 16GB in the future should you need it.

    Case - Each to their own, looking good, has USB3.0 so all good in that regard.

    Power Supply - Personally I would pick a different PSU, just because I don't know SeaSonic, I havn't actually done any research but I normally go with well known brands (Personally I like Corsair, I've had a corsair PSU for years, I've spilled water on it, I've opened it up, I've dropped my computer, Big steel watercooled bastard, on it and it still goes strong)
    Also I would recommend more than 520W, that way if you want to add another GPU in the future you will have the upgradability, I would go something in the 650+ area.
    Also you will want to make sure that your PSU is rated 80+ otherwise its not worth it.

    HDD - Good move going small while prices are still a little elevated, however in my opinion right now your best bet would be to buy a solid state drive, while you will lose out on storage most people don't need lots of storage (not sure about you specifically) now while HDD prices are high is the perfect time to get the SSD then buy a HDD later. I would recomend something around the 120gb range if you are installing lots of things and using it as a HDD replacement.

    UPS - For $1000 budget I wouldn't imagine a UPS being budget-smart, however its entirely possible that you live in an area prone to blackouts and power surges but I would still advice against it because the amount of damage done by a black out is pretty minimal and from what I've seen UPSs are pretty costly for not much benefit

    Monitors - Personally I have 2 1920x1080 24" monitors at home and 2 1920x1080 at work and I love them, however the guy who sits next to me at work has 2 1920x1200 monitors and I really like the extra space when I look over at his computer, feels much more roomy, depends how much its worth to you.

    -----Your Doubts----

    Your right, your chosen graphics card could struggle a bit playing with 2 1080p monitors at max settings, I would recommend an upgrade
    As for plugging in TVs, everything is to do with resolution, you could buy a 100 inch TV but if its 1920x1080 resolution it will run exaclty the same, although as you get bigger your likely to gain resolution so again a more solid graphics card would be ideal.
    I've never run anything in 3D, last time I upgraded significantly ATI simply didn't do 3D (a while ago...) nowadays I'm pretty sure ATI can do 3D in which case I would imagine its just a matter of configuration and having a solid graphics card (see previous recomendations)

    Don't bother with a sound card unless you have an amazing sound system, on board sound is normally quite impressive, and the ssd is a good idea, ever since I put my first ssd in my computer 4 years ago I havn't had a computer without an ssd since, its make the whole computing experience much more enjoyable.

    Hopefully this helps, I know I've rambled on a bit..
  2. Exact same answer haha sorry.

    That computer will max out any racing games on a single monitor you may want to look into the radeon 7970 or a new Nvidia kepler card for the dual monitors
    A little more expensive but will run two monitors fine and will be better for any future games you wish to play

    Radeon 7970 - [...] 6814125413

    Nvidia 670 - [...] 6814127675
    on your question of the processor you only need the K if you plan on overclocking.

    Other than that and you do not need to get the better graphics card but it will be cheper than paying for a second later on and if you add a second 670 or 7970 the performance increase will be a lot better than dual 7850

    You can pick up the Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 for $400

    I know it might seem expensive but if like Hazar said you get rid of the 2500k for just a plain 2500 you should save money, also in the long run this would be a whole lot better in the long run however if you want to you can start with 7850 which will have less performance and upgrade to Crossfire later with a second card, but in the long run two 670's would be much more future proof and handle two monitors a lot better.

    Hope this helps

  3. One more thing that Hazar said haha if you want to connect to the internet wirelessly then add a wireless card to the budget -

    That should be fine, anyone feel free to change my suggestion to another :) however if you will be connectingn wired then don't worry about the wireless card
  4. Just noticed a couple of typos with my card numbers, I think I've fixed them up but I would double check if your unsure.

    Also, I'd have to agree with MacHooper on the GTX670 being another very viable option, it's received a lot of very nice reviews and looks like a very impressive card and I'm something of a fan of nVidia stuff in the first place.
  5. I am not sure if the UPS you chose would be able to support your system for very long, it depends on where you live and how often and for how long the power goes out.

    For 1000 bucks I would say

    GTX 670
    i3 2100 since you arent going to overclock as it seems
    Some antec case or the case you said :) - I personally think the NZXT Source 210 looks sickk
    750W PSU - from XFX, PC Power and Cooling, Corsair, OCZ - all are good brands
    8GB RAM
    H67 or H61 Motherboard if you arent going to OC
    120GB SSD or 1TB HD - both are around the same price atm

    This would total up to about 1000 or less :)

    Cept Im not sure where you would get these parts from in India? Some of them are more expensive than what you expect from newegg or amazon :S
  6. Hi guys,

    The GTX 670 is available for 30,000 INR / 600$ :( My budget is 1000-1200$.
    So my plan is to buy 670 when I feel the need to add a second HD 7850. I'll sell the HD7850 and buy 670 instead of using 2 HD 7850 cards. As of now, I can't afford it.

    Also the price difference between i5-2500 and 2500K is 1000Rs/ 20$ here :)

    Thanks a lot for ur suggestions :)
  7. ^No problem, and btw, the conversion rate between USD and INR has risen by alot and it is nearly 56 rupees to the dollar :/

    and for the GTX 670, some websites offer to redirect orders to other countries. For example, you could order off newegg and that website will help the order get delivered to India. The total price including shipping would make the GTX 670 cost about 450 bucks :)
  8. @Need Help_71 - If the card alone costs 450$, is it possible to build the rest for 1000-1200$ ?
    I need an i5 2500 atleast. Don't want i-3 mate.
    And just to confirm, if I buy this card, it'll run even 4 24-inch monitors/65-inch LED TV in ultra right? And I don't have to go for "overclocking" or "crossfiring" ?

    Can u give me a cheap+efficient parts with model no. that will extract the max. out of this 670 card ? I'll check the part availability and prices here in India and see whether it fits my budget .

    Thanks a lot :)
  9. I'm not completely sure about 4 monitors in 1080p but it probably would. On your TV as well. It also really depends on what games you play. Overclocking is always nice, but I shall try and put a buid together :)

    Intel i5 3450
    ASRock Z68 Pro 3 Gen 3
    G. Skill 8GB RAM
    NZXT Phantom White Case
    OCZ 750W
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB

    This should total 1000 bucks.
  10. i5 3450 = 9000 INR
    ASRock Z68 Pro 3 Gen 3 = 8600
    G. Skill 8GB RAM = 3500
    OCZ 750W = 6600
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB = 5500
    CD+DVD Drive = 1500
    Razer Keyboard = 2200
    Wifi Card = 1500
    TOTAL =38400 INR

    NZXT Phantom White Case = 8185 INR ( Will go for something <3500 INR )
    UPS = APC = ~2500 INR
    GRAPHIC CARD = I could'nt find 670 for less than 28000 here. HD 7850 costs 15000 .

    Total budget = 50,000 to 60,000 (max.).
    Have to decide, as I won't be setting up eyefinity before the end of this year. So will be using only 1 monitor to play games and 2 for playing poker (poker needs no graphics).

    PS : I have very frequent unscheduled power cuts, and my security guy will switch on the generator back-up within 5-10 mins. So will my comp keep running for 5-10mins using this APC UPS?

    Or do I have to buy a better UPS ?

    Thanks in advance :)

  11. You would need the bigger version of that UPS which says 1100 on it instead of looks exactly the same otherwise. I found mine from the reliance stores, not sure where you live but got mine from Ambience Gurgaon.

    You could save money by getting the i3 2100....why don't you like having one?

    The 7850 could run games at about 30 to 40 FPS on quite intensive games :)
    This video is quite good, the vid is with a 6870 so what you're getting is even better. You could overclock your 7850 to 7870 performance :)
  12. Wow,, did'nt realise ur from India. :D I live in Chennai.
    I want i-5 2500, bcos of the below game requirement checking. i-3 2100 does'nt tick for Dirt3 showdown and NFS Run on recommended settings :)

    game requirements checking

    In the above link if u select i-3 2100 and HD7850 , u'll see the processor's recommended config is not met for Dirt3 and NFS :RUN. Whereas it is met if u select i-5 2500 as a processor.

    I'm planning to buy the components from Richie street (bazar which sells electronics for the cheapest rate )in Chennai . I'm 90% sure the rates will be a bit cheaper than where I have checked the prices till now.

    My friend will assemble all the parts for me. :)
  13. Yeah I am :D. Cool.

    Oh, I'm pretty sure that's because i3 is dual core. And are you sure about not overclocking? The i5 is amazing for that and its cheaper.

    Ok that's great. If you have some money spare with the build above when you go to the market, try and go for an HD 7950 or a GTX 670.
  14. And that website is great for a getting an overall estimate for system requirements but I wouldn't follow it to the tee :)
  15. Need Help_71 said:
    Yeah I am :D. Cool.

    Oh, I'm pretty sure that's because i3 is dual core. And are you sure about not overclocking? The i5 is amazing for that and its cheaper.

    Ok that's great. If you have some money spare with the build above when you go to the market, try and go for an HD 7950 or a GTX 670.

    Well I'll probably overclock it so I'll be buying i-5 2500K . Again my friend will be doing it for me. Have to talk to him about this.

    About the Graphic card, HD 7950 costs ~28K . I'll buy a HD 7850 for ~15K for now.

    I don't think I'll be needing the HD7950 in the next 6 months, so will decide about replacing the HD7850 with 7950 when needed , or may be even a better card/ cheaper card might be available then.

    I think I might be saving ~5K, so I'll probably buy a 120GB SSD :)

    Also about "over clocking " - It makes a CPU a bit more faster right? Any other benefits? I heard if I over-clock I might need extra cooling systems to handle the extra heat generated ? Is'nt the normal i-5 2500 fast enough? I don't want this to increase my electricity bill too much .
    Also my comp will be switched on for atleast 15hrs/day (work+play ) and don't want it to get too hot too :)

    PS : I'm a professional poker player and I'll be playing poker for 8-10 hrs/day followed by games+movies+browsing for ~4 hrs/day :sol: ( So total = ~15 hrs/day spend in the computer ).

    Thanks :)
  16. Well you can that CPU to 4.5 GHz or more. It's great. Yeah it makes the CPU faster but the downside is that it produces more heat. The Hyper 212 EVO cooler would do fine keeping it cool. It only costs 30 dollars :)

    "Fast enough" is very subjective, if you want to make your build more future proof, having the ability to Overclock will come in handy.

    Thats cool! I don't think the 7850 makes that much heat so I think you will be fine.

    Have fun playing poker with your new build!
  17. Need Help_71 said:
    You would need the bigger version of that UPS which says 1100 on it instead of looks exactly the same otherwise. I found mine from the reliance stores, not sure where you live but got mine from Ambience Gurgaon.

    You could save money by getting the i3 2100....why don't you like having one?

    The 7850 could run games at about 30 to 40 FPS on quite intensive games :)
    This video is quite good, the vid is with a 6870 so what you're getting is even better. You could overclock your 7850 to 7870 performance :)

    Is this UPS enough?? APC UPS Pro 1000

    Any idea how long this UPS will provide backup for my PC when I'm playing games??

    I have made some final changes to the configuration.

    Processor = i-5 3570 K ( Will buy this now and over clock it when needed , probably after 1 or 2 years)
    [Will also buy a separate cooling when I over clock the processor)
    Ram = G. Skill 8GB (2x4 GB ) @1600Mhz
    Graphic card = AMD HD 7850 2GB (I'll overclock it when needed )
    MoBo = ASRock Z68 Pro 3 Gen 3
    120 GB SSD
    1TB HDD@7200 rpm
    Cossair PSU 750 W
    Wifi adapter= Edimax EW-7728In Wireless PCI Card N300 3 Antenna 3 Yr.
    CD Drive = Sony / Samsung (no blue ray)
    Key Board = Razer Arctosa gaming
    Monitor = Dell U2312HM

    PS : I could'nt find the i-5 3570K processor in any of the online stores in India. I guess it has'nt released yet. Will have to wait for some time till it is released. I think it'll be worth the wait compared to the 2500K sandy bridge processor.

    I guess everything is compatible with every thing and is enough when I overclock the i-5 processor and HD 7850 card later :)

    Thanks in advance.
  18. That UPS will be able to support your system quite well.
    Your build is a beast if I may say so myself :)

    Just watch out on that UPS it says that the input voltage is 120V and im pretty sure its 240V in India....
  19. Do u have any recommendations for my PC ? I don't have a clue. I'm looking for something less than 9K INR
  20. Best answer

    Doesnt say the cost on the site but I know its about 5500 INR. Less than 6000 for sure :)

    This is the one I have for my TV+ entertainment system and it works like a charm. However, if you're really conscious about noise, just a heads up that it does make some noise when it is on - the noise comes from the fan though it won't be too noticeable with the PC on as well.
  21. Best answer selected by GODMODE09.
  22. I've found it online too. APC 1100VA

    I've found the 230V version of the previous mentioned UPS too.
    APC 1000VA 230V

    Any idea why the second UPS is 2K more than the model u've mentioned? Looks like they are both the same, (I think the model u mentioned even has a bit more capacity for lesser price).

    Also how long can I expect the UPS to support my beast ? :D

    Thanks :)
  23. Umm I would say about 7 minutes. It is a really good UPS but it depends for how much load your PC is under. at full load Id say 6-7 minutes and at idle about 10-11mins :)

    No problem :)
  24. I talked to APC sales support today. They told me I should buy only a SINE wave UPS for mid-high end desktops . Is this UPS ok? considering it is not sine wave?
    I don't want to spend ~18K on UPS for my computer.

    Btw just curious, how long does this support your TV+entertainment system?
  25. Yeah. I was going to recommend the same but the price instantly doubles when you go for the full sine wave UPS.

    How long does the power go out for you?

    It works a CHARM. Not a single problem with it for the past 8 months and it supports a DVD player, Set-top-box, 50 inch Plasma screen TV.

    However, I still wouldn't risk it with the PC. I think you should call customer support and ask for the specific differences between sine wave UPSes and the others because I'm not completely sure about the difference, I just know the sine waves are more failproof.
  26. I have a generator in my apartment which the security guy is supposed to switch on immediately. Sometimes I have to wait for 5-10 mins if he's gone somewhere.

    Talking about the risk using a non-sine wave UPS for PC, is it safe enough if I plug in the UPS to the surge protector like Belkin Surge Protector

    It works a CHARM. Not a single problem with it for the past 8 months and it supports a DVD player, Set-top-box, 50 inch Plasma screen TV.

    I meant to ask the back-up time you're getting from the UPS for this.
  27. should be fine...but once again, I'm not 100 per cent sure.

    Oh..woops. Yeah same here, the security guy can take max 10 mins but I've seen the UPS support the system for a good 12 minutes once (i timed it.) It also depends on how frequently the lights go out because the UPS needs time to recharge as well.
  28. I need a UPS or an inverter for my PC (above mentioned config). I want atleast 2.5hrs back up time.
    I don't know whether to choose a UPS or an inverter.
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