Access 2007 has black box in Win7 Lenovo laptop

Running a Lenovo laptop with all the original settings for the graphics. For some reason when I open up my database in Access, there is one text field that shows up BLACK, i can type in it, but you can not see the text. No other text fields are doing this, just this particular one.

This same database file is on 6 other PC's and laptops, they all work fine. It's just this one Laptop that is doing this.

I thought it was an issue with the graphics display, and i changed that all around and nothing... i tried changing Access to Run as Administrator, then in XP SP3 and SP2 mode... still nothing.

Any ideas on what could be causing this? I know it's not Access or the file, it has to be some type of seeing on the Laptop itself.

Thanks all!
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  1. OK, i was told this happened before on this particular laptop... aparently a tech company tapped into the PC and adjusted some type of Windows settings. Not any settings in Access, just Windows. They can't remember if it had anything to do with the graphics or not.

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