Realtek Headphone Problems

For some obscure reason, my iPod earphones tend to only play sound out of one ear in Windows 7. When I semi-unplug them, suddenly I get full sound... but if I plug them in all the way, it goes back to sound only out of the right ear.

I've uninstalled the drivers, tried the Windows default, nothing. Installed the latest Realtek Audio drivers for this machine (Asus K53TA notebook [64-bit]), nothing. Went into the BIOS, nothing there about audio except a master locking option. I've been playing about with the Realtek sound manager, doesn't seem to be even half of the options other people get. Likewise, Windows sound manager seems to be combining my input jack with the output speakers, and trying to have Realtek separate them only does it with the mic jack...

It all seems to be properly connected. What gives?
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  1. Your jack is bad, or the headphones connection is. Try the headphone jack on the PC, should be a rear one if you are using your front ones now.
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