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I built a Micorosft Version 1 Windows Home Server with some parts I had laying around and its been functional for about 3-4 years without issues. Here are the following troubleshooting steps I have taken:

-Yesterday I noticed the machine was off but when trying to restart it it simply would start for about 4 seconds fans and everything then cut off. I pulled the power from the mobo and went to work.
-When I got home it started up just fine, I noticed that the CPU fan did not start so I cut the machine off again, turned it back on and everything started up just fine. I did not notice the light on the front remains red at all times now
-I never use a monitor for this machine due to its purpose but I could not create a remote desktop session to the machine so I cut it of and hooked a second monitor up to it. Nothing on boot, but the machine is still on and running.
-I pulled one of the two memory sticks out, moved it to a different slot and nothing else changed
-Pulled the mobo battery out and the primary power supply connection, nothing

Safe to say my mobo is dead?

The machine is running 2GB Corsair ram, standard for a home server, a 550 watt power supply, 5 total hard drives of various sizes to total about 3-4TB, processor is an old dual core AMD, Gigabyte motherboard and more or less has been chugging away and on for about 3-4 years with no problems every day - my little worker bee.

Its on right now but I am not seeing anything on boot, no post, no windows logo... its just on with a red light on front.
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