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Please help me choose a processor...

My laptop just died on me so i am buying pc now.. i have a budget of Rs.35k that is $700.. i need the pc for full HD gaming and for using cad software like catia and alias and a bit of rendering.. I am stuck between the i3 2120 and i5 3450 and will the i5 3450 work on a asus p8h61 mobo.. I have corsair cv 450w PSU.. and wont be buying psu.. Please help.. plus i am buying the msi ati hd 6850 oc.. please help decide on the processor...
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  1. I would go with the I5. While both can play games the quad core I5 will be better for auto cad. I would actually move up to an I7 but thats just me.
  2. In order to use the Asus P8H61 with the Intel® Core™ P8H61 you would have to Bios version 3602 on the board. So that may create a problem getting that bios verson on the board. Maybe a processor like the Intel Core i5-2400 would remove some of the problems that may come up with using a 3rd generation Intel Core processors.
  3. I'd go for the 3450 or the i3-3220. The i3 if you're more for an emphasis on gaming and pumping money into other improvements such as the graphics card, and the i5 if you're hellbent on sticking with the 6850 and cad programs are more of the focus. Also, you could update the BIOS on the board to be compatible, but it might not work. If it doesn't the i5-2400 or i3-2120 would be the other choices.
  4. @Christian wood: the i5 2400 is 95W and my gpu is also power hungry.. can the 450w corsair supply enough power..
    I am worried the even the i5 3rd gen might not get enough power.. the 6850 says u need 500w at least but my friend is running it on corsair 430..
  5. thanx for your replies.. benthon and rds 1220.. and can the i3 3220 be over clocked??
  6. no only the I5 and I7 with a "K" in it's name can be overclocked. The "lower end" CPU's like the " Celeron, Pentium, I3 can't be overclocked like the I5 and I7 with unlocked multiplier.
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    Yea try this tool it is great at find the low end wattage that you need. The Corsair 450w is a solid PSU so you should be in good shape with it, the Intel Core i5-2400 and the 6850.

    The issue when you go with the video card makers PSU recommendations is that they know with poor quality PSUs that you may only get 75% or less of the listed power. So if you go with no name brand junk you may have problems meeting the normal power needed so they always give a higher recommendation.
  8. the calculator says i will need a 370w for the 3450 and 6850...:D
    Thanx a lot guys... i think i will go with the i5 3450 and 6850... going shopping tomorrow oh and also i will see if i can find the 2500k for some cheap bucks... Man i love that beast... :D. thanx again and thanx a lot christian for the calculator.. :D
  9. Don't get a 400w PSU. Get a 500w.
  10. obsama1 said:
    Don't get a 400w PSU. Get a 500w.

    i have already purchased the PSU...:(
  11. my friends are saying that the p8h61 is not a good gaming board.. is that true.. coz i donn want to spend another $100 for the mobo??
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