Is my PC build Future Proof

PROCESSOR - Intel Core i5-3450
RAM/MEMORY - Kingston Hyper 8gb
POWER SUPPLY - Seasonic12II Bronze 620W
OPTICAL DRIVE - Lite-On 24x IHAS-524
CHASIS - CoolerMaster Elite 431 Plus
I will change the GPU in a year im waiting for newer and cheaper models of Nvidia cards
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  1. For spreadsheets maybe, a gaming PC that is not even by modern standards.

    CPU: You'l want a i5-3570k, as you can overclock that, so more performance out of it.

    Motherboard: Z77 is as best as you can get without going overboard to an X79, so all good there.

    HDD: Decent

    RAM: Would invest in a better brand, Corsair Vengeance or G.Skills are the current favourites.

    GPU: I dont see that thing powering old games, much better GPU needed. Theres no point waiting for prices to drop, by the time they do, there will be a new card out that you'l wait for instead. and the cycle repeats. Better off getting a good card and not having to make do with the 430.

    PSU: To truly future proof here you'd want a reliable 750W. This will allow dual SLI/Crossfire and misc (fans, HDDs, Network cards, etc) upgrades to the PC.

    Optical: Dont spend much here, discs are rarely used anymore. Most people get them because the OS comes on a disc and some games still.

    Chassis: that will fare you well, though there are better.
  2. 1 go with i5 3570k
    2 get the seagate barracuda 1tb with 64mb of cache. its faster
    3 you will need a set of ram that is 1.5v. a good set are some mushkin enhanced blackline or crucial ballistix sport
  3. the power supply is decent. it will handle sli no problem. just make sure you get the modular ersion
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