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I'm not sure if this is the right section for a post like this, so if it's not can someone please report this to have it moved for me?

I'm building myself a new PC when I move out and go to college, but I plan on giving my old one to my dad for his birthday. He's using an old Dell Dimension 3000, which was new when he bought it back in 2000. This computer is nowhere near good, but it's better than what he has and it's more than enough for what he does.

I basically just want to turn it into a good multimedia PC.


I'm buying a new motherboard, RAM, a better PSU, a new case, a GPU, an aftermarket CPU cooler, thermal compound and... I forget what the last part was but there's something else I needed.

The only things that will be recycled are the 320GB 7200RPM hard drive, and the DVD burner.

I basically want to get the best parts I can put into it, for the best price. Which is why I came here to you guys.
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  1. So essentially you want a whole new system, with the Optical and Hard Drive carried over. Much simpler.

    Whats your budget and what do you expect it to do?
  2. I said what I want it to do in the original post, I want to turn it into an up-to-date multimedia PC.
    My dad plays Facebook games, and watches HD movies.

    I'm putting $300-$400 into it.

    If I really wanted to save money, I could use the 1.8GHz CPU that came with the SR5410F and overclock it to 2.6Ghz if I get a decent aftermarket cooler.

    Edit: I'm using the 320GB hard drive, and the DVD drive that came with the Compaq.
    If I use the CPU that came with it, I'll need a socket 775 motherboard.
  3. Here's an idea:
    cpu/gpu(apu) and mobo
    $274.95 ($254.95 AR)

    This will be great for a multimedia pc. It can even handle light/casual gaming.
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