CPU powers down automatically when gaming

My CPU reboots automatically when I play Games.I feel that it might be bcoz of either High GPU temperature or lack of power supply.

My config is

CPU:AMD phenom 2 925 x4
GPU:Nvidia 9600gt 512 mb
MB:ASUS m4a78 em
PSU:iball lpe223-400

The smps is like a 250 watt smps.My CPU temperature remains in 40-50 so that mustnt be a problem and when i start gaming GPU temp is around 50 C.One more thing to note is if my CPU powers off then it doesnt start ,I have to switch off the UPS and power on again only then the cpu starts.

Now I have removed my GPU and the system is working fine.What must be the problem is it the SMPS or the GPU.Help me guys.
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  1. From the information you provided, I'd say the PSU is too weak. Even though it is rated at 400W, I believe it only has a 17A +12V rail. That is way too small for the graphic card plus other +12V devices. You need to upgrade the PSU.
  2. yes it is only 17 in +12v rail...Is my Temperature of GPU okay...It is around 500 degree when i start pc and goes to around 65 when playing games..
  3. Agreed on the PSU being weak.
  4. That isn't a cutting edge system because I had something a bit more power hungry using a 430w.

    Trying not using the UPS and see if it works better.

    If not provably the power supple is too weak.
  5. Where Can I get the corsair cx430v2 for 2.3k ...everywhere i see online its above 2.8k...
  6. What country are you in?
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