Is this a good Future Proof Gaming PC

PROCESSOR - Intel Core i5-3450
RAM/MEMORY - Kingston Hyper 8gb
POWER SUPPLY - Seasonic12II Bronze 620W
OPTICAL DRIVE - Lite-On 24x IHAS-524
CHASIS - CoolerMaster Elite 431 Plus
I will change the GPU in a year im waiting for newer and cheaper models of Nvidia cards
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  2. depends on what you mean by future proof, as in will it still be a solid build in a few years or is it upgradable?

    Its upgradable in that you have a decent motherboard, it won't be a solid build in a few years and the graphics card isn't even solid by todays standards, that depends on what you are using it for though...

    Changes I would make

    Hard Drive - Throw an SSD in there, maybe keep a HDD for storage but performance SSD all the way
    Graphics Card - Rather than waiting for cheaper Nvidia cards just buy an ATI 78xx or 7950, they are extremely cheap compared to Nvidia (supply demand etc) and are the newer generation.
    Optical Drive - A Blu-ray drive would help with the future proofing aspect but seriously bluray is unecessary, everything is digital now anyway (MASSIVE generallisation here, just depends what you want)
  3. future resistance is a better word and
    I would say its more like current
  4. Well you can't really be more future proof in regards to CPU and mobo since you have picked the newest ones, however Ivy Bridge is going to be the last generation for LGA 1155 socket so if Haswell and its corresponding 1150 CPUs significantly outperform Ivy Bridge, your system may become outdated as early as next year.

    If your main use is gaming, 8gb of RAM should be plenty, but for video editing or graphically intensive programs, 16gb of RAM may be more desirable along with Core i7 processor.

    I guess PCIE 3.0 GPU is more future proof than PCIE 2.0, but PCIE 2.0 still has a lot of headroom left, and this is less significant than comparing USB 2.0 to USB 3.0.

    HDD is the biggest bottleneck for any system, so if you can afford a SSD, it just may be the best way to being future proof.
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