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First Build, for Gaming, i7-2700k and GTX 680, 1900$

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May 23, 2012 12:42:27 PM

Hey, I am new to PC building, and I am going to build one this summer after exams are over on June 8th or so.

This new PC will be meant for gaming, video editing, and possibly 3D graphics work with Maya.

This build includes the monitor, mouse, mouse pad, and keyboard.

Is everything compatible? I'm confused about motherboards and PSUs.

Here is the link to the Newegg wishlist:

It will be about 2000 USD.

EDIT: Added MoBo to list. Thanks plasmastorm.

i7-2600k not i7-2700k sorry.

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May 23, 2012 12:54:47 PM

You forgot to add a motherboard to your build ;) 
May 23, 2012 1:23:13 PM

heres my thoughts on your items one at a time.

if you really like that case then get it, but you can get vary similar cases for $30 less like the 9 hundred.

the 680 is a great card, i would love to swap my 7970 with one. but the 670 is 95% as fast for 80% of the money. and there are over clocked versions that bench around 98% as fast as a 680. like this one.

for power 950 is excessive. you could run a 3 way sli with that and have headroom. your wishlist would run at about 400-450w on load with decent overclock. a 600 or 650w would be fine. unless you wanted to go sli one day. then just throw on another 200w per card. which is excessive but safe.

the 2600k and 2700k are pretty much a waste for gaming and unless you do a lot of the other stuff it wont effect you enough to justify the cost. but the 3770k is better all around and only costs $290 at microcenter. though you need to go to the store to get that cost.

i love that SSD. i have the 256GB version. which is still very cheap at tigerdirect and newegg, $199 at tiger and $209 at newegg. its an amazing price/performance ratio, while also being amazing with the price/size ratio.

everything else really comes down to personal preferance, though I do recommend 27" monitors. they are quite nice and often the same price as a 24". or close.

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May 23, 2012 1:24:46 PM


1) I'd start with 2 x 4 RAM and see if that meets your needs. It usually does.
2) If you can't find a 680 in stock, you can spend about $100 less and get a 670 and sacrifice about 5 FPS on average.
3) Your PSU is overkill. You really only need a good quality 550-650w by Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, Antec, Seasonic......for under $100 you could have one with modular cabling so it tidies up your case.
4) I'll let others advise on whether or not the i7 will add benefits for Maya, whatever that is. But it won't help for gaming. i5 2500k or 3570k is pretty much the gaming gold standard. I would also ask why not go to the gen3 CPU? If you are doing an average to moderate overclock, why not get the new tech?
5) The rest looks good but yeah, you need a mobo. I'd look around in the $150-200 range from ASUS Gigabyte or MSI. Here's a great link to read a little on them:

Here's a few ideas you can ponder that will bring your price down:
OCZ modular....popular quality affordable brand.

Great mobo with lots of website recommendations:

And I would go with this CPU unless someone can tell you that Maya likes the i7 better:

And here's a nice overview of the GPUs, standard, and overclocked:

Lastly, you can get a 27" 1080 for about the same price with this coupon code....I have one and I love it. May not be great if you're a videophile, but for gaming its great....

May 23, 2012 1:31:12 PM

I'd have to agree with everything here mostly the GTX670 being a solid card instead of the 680 and the PSU being overkill

on catatafishs point about getting the new gen for overclocking I was under the impression that the ivy bridge CPUs struggle with overclocking a bit in that they tend to run quite hot with only a small overclock, correct me if I'm wrong though, I personally havn't overclocked an Ivy bridge.
May 23, 2012 1:33:20 PM

Thanks for the reply farrengottu, hazar, and catatafish.

I'm not too sure about cases. Do you think my components can fit into a mid-tower one like the Antec 900?

I'm going to be video editing and rendering, so I think that the i7-2600k is better because I heard hyperthreading will help me in that area. If it's not that much difference then'll I'll probably go for the i5-2500k.

Is this a good 27" monitor?

I'll look for a different PSU in that case.

I'll check out the GTX 670.

Thanks for all the quick replies!
May 23, 2012 1:43:39 PM

Yes, I almost bought that ASUS monitor but I couldn't resist the Planar deal. In fact I plan on adding two more and a 670 for some good BF3 action.

And your mobo choice is solid for an i7 as is your logic for the i7.

I've got an Antec 900 and there is plenty of room in there. Although if I had to do it over I would go with a case where you put the HDDs in sideways instead, routing cables to the back. I don't like the cables facing the rear.....just a little messier.

Hazar, for a moderate overclock most of the reviews I've read put the new gen CPU at temps that are just fine. I'm talking like 4.0-4.5 range. Plus the gen 3 gives you HD4000 for faster video conversions. Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong either way.
May 23, 2012 9:48:28 PM

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