Screen flickering black after nvidia driver update

Okay, not sure if anyopne else has this issue. Ever since about 3 nvidia updates ago (cant remember which specific driver the problem began with) my screen flickers to black, before any video starts. every time i click on a website with a video , the screen flickers black, then when i exit the website, or close the video, the screen flickers black again. This is very annoying, and I was hoping somebody has a solution. Monitor and gpu are hdcp compliant and im using HDMI
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  1. To anyone who has this same issue I found a fix on the Nvidia forums.... here it is, seems to work, no more flickering, yay


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    Posted 11 March 2012 - 10:21 PM

    There's a simple fix to the black screen before/after videos problem in 295.73:

    Go to the "Adjust desktop color settings" section and change "Content type reported to the display" from "Auto-select (recommended)" to "Desktop programs".

    This eliminates all black screens before/after videos, including 720p resolution and higher videos (for some people, including me, this problem existed before 295.73, but only for 720p resolution and higher videos).

    From http://forums.nvidia...5&#entry1375755
  2. Nvidia drivers don't have problems, ever. You must be wrong. Probably using a Radeon...
  3. evga gtx580 -definitely nvidia
  4. champsmitty1 said:
    evga gtx580 -definitely nvidia

    Yeah I know I was just being dumb because so many people including those who never run AMD cards like to condemn AMD drivers as being the worst thing ever and make it seem like Nvidia cards/drivers never have issues. I know some people will have issues, but I've been running mine for the last 2 years without any real issues.
  5. wolfram: Nvidia drivers don't have problems, ever. You must be wrong. Probably using a Radeon...

    That's the dumbest argument ever.
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