Just bought an Athlon - biggest mistake ever?

I recently bought an AMD Athlon X3 455 from Newegg for $70. Today, I found out the the new AMD Trinity CPUs will be coming out on October 1st. The AMD APUs are supposedly an AMD Athlon mixed with an AMD Radeon integraded chip. That should mean the the A10-5800 should blow the 3.3 GHz of the Athlon out of the water with its speedy 4.2 GHz clock. Did I make an idiotic decision, or should I wait till October 1st? Also, should I sell the Athlon online if I did make a mistake, and when? Thanks everyone :D
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  1. They're actually Piledriver, IIRC. You'd have to get a new mobo to use them. If I were you, I would return the X3 and get the x4 965.
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    ^ agree'd get the phenom ii x4 965, will be way better than the athlon x3 and and athlon x4, if ur looking for the integrated gpu on the a8/a10 then get it but if u got a discrete gpu then replacing the athlon with a phenom is a win. lol
  3. Should I wait to buy the Phenom so that the price can drop, or should I get it soon?
  4. Sadly, you do not want to be gaming with an Athlon anymore.
  5. If you aren't going to use the chip, no point in buying it and holding onto it.

    If you are using it, unless you need something more powerful you should just keep it. the athlon x3s are still usable cpus, they still make great entry level gaming machines with a dedicated card.
  6. AMD has stopped production of the athlon and phenom II processors, there is prob still alot going around but u can get a 965 BE off Tigerdirect OEM no fan/heatsink for $90 or $110 tigerdirect/newegg.

    If u have an am3+ motherboard maybe wait until piledriver and sadly an fx would prob be an upgrade from a tri core athlon.

    If ur going to be gaming often then maybe getting a new cpu will help, im not sure how the new a10s will perform but if the a10 5800k clock speed is 3.8ghz, and is based off piledriver im going to be guessing it'll be similar to a quad core am3+ pildriver cpu maybe slightly worse or better no one rlly is for sure yet.
  7. You could wait for PD which prob. launches 1st week of Oct. If you can wait and have an AM3+ board, then I'd wait for that.
  8. ok, thanks everyone.
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