Cheap 6970 or GTX 660?

So I was about to RMA my ASUS 6950 which was flashed to a 6970 before I noticed that the cooler wasnt on right, but thats another story.

Ill keep it short. Should I RMA and keep my 250 euro "6970," or wait for 2 months and ask for my money back and get something along the lines of a GTX 660?

At the time of flashing the 6950 to a 6970 I felt like I just saved 100 euro, but the drivers are *** and Ive only had problems with this card, is it possible that nvidia will bring more bang for the buck to the table than I could get with my 250 euro 6970??
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  1. Maybe you have problems with your card because you flashed it...?

    Anyway, we can't speculate because there is literally zero info about any 600 cards besides the 680. Most of the 680 rumors proved to be wrong (as far as clocks and cores and memory stuff goes) up until right before release, so any rumors on a "660" would probably also be false.

    Your best bet for that price range is to get a 7850.
  2. You should wait anyway, cause GTX680 will cause chain reaction to prices for sure.

    If GTX660 is a weaked GK104 (lets say with 6/8 SMX / 1152 CUDA cores ~75% GTX680 performance) it would be awesome. If its something like GK106, you should go with 6970...

    But in any case, since we are in the middle of a changing to a new era of new gpus, its wise to wait a bit :).
  3. No I un-flashed it afterwards and spent most of my time playing on the "stock" bios. Most of the problems have to do with the fact that ASUS hung a pound of aluminum on four tiny screws.

    Thanks for the responses. I thought it might be a dumb idea to do this right before new cards come out, I'll just wait, look at some benchmarks, and decide then.
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