Geforce 9800 GX2 and P8Z68 vlx Compatibile?

It seems no matter what graphics card I try in my new setup it is not recognised.
Here's the spec

Asus P8Z68 vlx
Intel i7 2700k
4 x 4GB Vengeance 1600mhz
Seagate HD501LJ
Seagate HD400LJ
Windows XP Pro 64bit
Antec True Power 480w

I did a check on a wattage calculator and I'm within limits.
The first graphics card I tried was from my old system, a Geforce 7950 GX2.
The system wouldn't even boot beyond a black screen, not even as far as BIOS.
So I removed that GPU and sold it along with my old bundle and got a used 9800 GX2 (tested and working)
When I boot with the 9800 GX2 the system runs fine but I get no signal from the GPU DVI ports.
Neither does the card show up in my device manager. The card is lit up with fans spinning.
I am still having to use the on board graphics on the i7.
I also tried installing the latest drivers from NVIDIA but it says 'cannot find compatible hardware on your system'
I have a hunch it is a BIOS issue but I am unfamiliar with UEFI BIOS.
Please help!!
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  1. Is this a new board? It sounds like a defective board issue.
  2. I just bought the ASUS P8Z68_VLX and it specifies Crossfire ready, I don't know if this would make the board exclusive to ATI but you might want to try an ATI GPU as opposed to an
    Nvidia GPU. maybe there is something exclusive in the Bios. All I know is that my board is not
    SLI compliant.
  3. After a bit of research, it appears that board doesn't support SLI. Since you are using Nvidia X2 cards, they are probably seen as SLI. That may be why they don't work. If you have access to one, try a non-X2 Nvidia card before you RMA the board. I'm betting that's the problem.
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