please help.

ok i have a gtx 460 and im wondering which cpu i should get to increase my performance in bf3.
the fx4100 zambezi or the FX-6200 Zambezi. i currently have a x3 450 am i better off getting a new gpu or cpu??
any help is appreciated :) :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :pt1cable:
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  1. I would go with an fx 4170 or phenom iix4 975. The 4170 performs better than a 6200 and in all honesty this series of amd cpus isn't very good I would go with phenom if I were you.
  2. my mobo is am3+ can i still get am3? also the phenom seems to be discontinued, do you know any other sights that might sell it other than newegg? would the AMD Phenom II X4 965 be a good choice if i cant get the above?
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    The 965 is good, even better if you can overclock it and is very cheap here in the UK at the moment. Its a bit more on newegg but still not bad
    You could try unlocking and/or overclocking your 450 you may get the upgrade for free.
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  5. tiger direct has it for $80 shipped
  6. popatim said:
    tiger direct has it for $80 shipped

    dang i wish i saw this before i spent 120 on newegg :fou:
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