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Antec Nine Hundred case design questions

Last response: in Components
September 14, 2012 2:51:22 AM

Hi there :) 

Just a noobie question here. I've got an Antec nine hundred gaming case. In the case papers that come with it, it mentions that for the 2 front intake fans, the design is meant to only have 1 of these fans running. I am supposed to run the fan that is NOT the one that is in front of my HDDs. I've got all the other fans and cpu fan running and I want to learn to overclock my system. It says in the papers that it is by Antec's design that only 1 of those 2 fans should be running. Is there some kind of specific reason for this? I figure that fan would add extra cooling onto my HDD and just more airflow.

I'm just trying to reason anything negative that could happen from running the fan.

My system is an Intel DP45SG extreme series mobo with Core 2 Duo 3.00Ghz, 8GB DDR3 dual channel RAM, with an AMD Radeon HD 6870. WD 7200RPM Sata 3.5" 40GB HDD along with a Seagate 750GB 7200RPM Sata 3.5" HDD.

My computer seems to run really cool. I dont have temps or anything, but I really am feeling zero heat from the side panels. Do you think I am ready to try to overclock with my cooling? I am really afraid of doing liquid cooling, so thats why I'd like to run all the fans I can. Any advice greatly appreciated!
September 14, 2012 6:50:27 PM

I have the first generation Antec Nine Hundred vs. 1 before they added the hose ports in the back for water cooling.

Back in the day I ran into the issue you are talking about. Accept they didnt say don't run both fans (seems as they have upgraded there instruction manual)

As far as running all the fans no there wont be a negative impact on system performance or anything goofy like that.

The problem is if your using regular desktop size hard drives the screw holes wont line up properly for you to secure the hard drive and have the fan infront of the hard drives. So generally most people don't have more than three hard drives, so in one of the removable bays that has the fan you could put three hard drives in and take that fan out. Then just use the fan in the other removable bay with no hard drives.

Now you can do like i tried and move the hard drives back some and try and use the second set of hard drive holes. But then the problem becomes if you have a graphics card like the one you have its two long and hard drives will literally be touching your graphics card depending on the motherboard layout. Or worse yet covering up the SATA ports

Eventually I gave that case to my daughter because even though it was a big case it was still far to cramped and not enough wiring options to hide cables with it. It was a pain in the but removing the fans, and putting screws in the hard drives on those removable bays.

If you don't have a side fan on your case, you can take the 120mm fan from infront of one of the hard drive bays and put it there which is what i did with the extra fan after i figured all of this out. Great case when it came out 5-6 years ago when I got it but way better cases out there these days.